A few brief, unrelated items on the geek front I figured I’d bring to your attention.

iTunes for Windows really is all that and a ham sandwich. Worth downloading and installing. Personally, I currently have 22 gigs of music, or 9.9 days worth, and with iTunes set to “shuffle,” it’s like listening to a radio station run by me. Now I just have to get hold of an iPod and I’ll be set.

RSSWeather has Prague weather available as an RSS feed. Click here to get it, if you know what an RSS feed is. Click here if you don’t.

Since my phone is on its last legs, I’m starting to get interested in the newest bright and shiny things. Amy Langfield just got herself a Treo 600 all-in-one communicator with digital camera, Palm OS, GSM/GPRS, and a partridge in a pear tree. She seems pretty happy with it. I wonder if Eurotel will be selling these. 1.1 is pretty good. It’s a free and open source alternative to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I’ve tried to come up with something I use from MS Office that would make it choke, and so far it hasn’t. And it’s free and legal.

We just got Macromedia Studio MX 2004 here at the office, and I’ve got mixed emotions. While I like Dreamweaver MX a lot, I’m pretty underwhelmed by Freehand MX. Aside from the Flash-like display engine, which does anti-aliasing better than previous versions, I don’t really see the difference, aside from yet another change to the Freehand UI. And to think I just got around to learning all the shortcuts to the last Freehand. And someone at 600 Townsend should be strung up and flayed for what they did to the Bezier tool. Ouch.

PCDJ FX VRM 7.0 (whew! that’s a mouthful) came out a couple of days ago, and while I’ve downloaded it and installed it, I haven’t practiced my DJing on it. It crashed while inputting my 22 gigs of music, so I’m wondering if it’ll hold up this time or will be just as buggy as its previous versions. In its favor, it’s supposed to have been completely rewritten, though.

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