Iveta: Did she want to kill herself?

The 100th article in the Blesk Iveta Count is a hum-dinger. Her ex-husband and ex-Svengali, hitmaker Ladislav Štaidl, has a new book alleging that Iveta Bartošová had an affair with actor Rudolf Hrušínský nejmladší, and that when he confronted her with it, she tried to kill herself.

Heavy stuff.

Iveta herself, when asked for a comment, said this: “Authors have the right to poetic license, and the father of my child clearly used this to its fullest. I think that at this moment it is useless to confirm or deny something. In any event, I want to tell the readers of his book that they shouldn’t believe everything that’s written there. I have no intent to air dirty laundry in the public, in contrast to him, and to go into detail. That is all.”

The best thing about the article is Blesk’s instant poll at the bottom of the article, which asks:

Did Iveta try to kill herself?

– Å taidl just wants attention
– Iveta wouldn’t do that
– Maybe it happened?
– This topic doesn’t interest me

So far, 740 people have voted.

The Blesk Iveta Count, by the way, is the number of articles that show up on the Blesk website about Iveta. I try to blog every time Blesk runs a story about Iveta, and have been doing so since #83, back in April.

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