Happy Halloween!

First, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Halloween, although the idea of going door to door in Kafkaville neighborhoods dressed in a costume and asking various random neighbors for candy doesn’t exactly seem, well, feasible.

I carved a pumpkin and put it out on our balcony, and already the gossipy neighbors think I’m performing voodoo rituals in the apartment.

In addition to the Prague.tv party at Ponec mentioned by Scott Macmillan, here’s another interesting event my friend and colleague Jirka tipped me to: Several groups are going ghost hunting tonight in Prague, armed with digital cameras and other recording equipment and copies of Martin Steskal’s “Průvodce tajemní místy…” Then they’ll meet in a pub and compare notes to see who was able to “catch” any ghosts.

The rules are simple. The book describes various places around town where ghosts are said to lurk. Each group will have a digital camera, and will assign one person to be the “reader” who will read about which ghosts live in which places. One person will keep score (3 points for a ghost or a haunted place from the list, 2 for a Halloween mask or symbol).

There are said to be about 50 ghosts or haunted places downtown!

The winning group wins a bottle of whiskey. You can read more about the event (in Czech) at the Psychogeografie blog. Sounds cool.

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