Last night’s set at the Akropolis was pretty wild. Scott Macmillan showed up, as did what seemed to be a busload of party people.

We were pretty worried at the beginning, because when we came into the club, there were two other DJs already playing. They were beginner DJs who wanted to try their hand at DJing the hallowed space that is the Divadelní bar. I generally try to encourage DJs getting their start, so we let them play. The result was, um, well… Let’s just say they have a long way to go. Not only was the mixing atrocious, but their choice of music – techstep drum’n’bass – was pretty painful.

We took the podium expecting the worst. But within fifteen minutes of the set starting, the place was packed and jumping. If you’ve seen the Divadelní bar, you know it’s not the biggest place, but if you were to close your eyes and just listen to the noise they made, you’d swear there were five hundred people there.

My own highlight of the evening came when a Spanish woman – for some reason the place was full of Spaniards who came to party – came up to me and planted a big kiss on my cheek, saying in the most delightful Castilian accent: “Sank you for se juanderful mee-you-zeek!” Then she pulled me out on to the dance floor, where I got a chance to demonstrate my complete inability to dance salsa.

So, yeah, it was a pretty wild night, all told.