Faith in Rock

Last night I got to have dinner with Robert Klajn of Radio/TV B92 and Alexander Brajanoski of Transitions Online. Klajn is a legend not only in independent media, but also in the local music scene, as he’s produced a number of key albums by Yugoslav musicians.

We got to talking about recommended music from Belgrade, and aside from the excellently-named Electric Orgasm, one group they recommended was the Party Breakers. Braja said that earlier this summer, he saw Party Breakers in Split, Croatia, and he was surprised to see a Belgrade group playing in the heartland of Croatian nationalism.

The crowd was supportive, he said. So supportive, in fact, that when the guitarist broke a string, some in the crowd started chanting for local football Hajduk Split. The drummer started playing along with the chant. Then the whole Croatian crowd, several thousand strong, started chanting for Partizan Belgrade.

“Nationalism is strong,” Klajn said. “But our faith in Rock is stronger.”

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