WiFi is great for lots of places. Heck, I just installed an access point at home that works fantastically. But there are places and times when radio connections aren’t possible or feasible.

That’s when you need over-the-air lightwave connections. Ronja is a Czech project to create affordable and reliable over-the-air lightwave connections that can reach up to 2km away at 10mbps.

You can’t buy Ronja products yet. It’s an open source hardware project, so if you know your way around a soldering iron and a circuit board, you can download the plans and build it yourself. Each unit should cost around 2,000 CZK (around $72 USD), or 4,000 CZK for the pair.

What’s even cooler is that it doesn’t use a laser. It uses the brake LED from a Å koda.

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