Interesting gig

I’ve just gotten home from an, um, interesting DJ gig, for a friend who had a grand opening of her hair salon in Vinohrady. It had something for everybody: a folk group, a new group, Strings, (who I figure will be pretty big, as they’re beautiful babes playing classical music a la Vanessa Mae), an 80’s star who sang his old song about frozen strawberries, a magician/male striptease act, fireworks on the Žižkov TV tower, and then me.

I agreed to the gig ‘coz it’s a friend, and it sounded interesting. Did I mention the wall-to-wall models (male and female)? One funny thing was when the emcee asked the male models in the audience to come up on stage and compete in a pout-off.

And the aerobics champions? And the Blesk photographers?

It was one of those kinds of nights. I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself in tomorrow’s Blesk. I’ll be, Forrest Gump-style, the guy in the corner trying not to get poked by Strings violinist’s bow, or singed by the magician’s flaming batons.

Given the environment, I did OK with the set. I was surprised to see how well Underworld’s “Push Upstairs” mixes with Banda Favela’s “Samba de Ile (Wai Wan 4/4 remix)”.

As I’ve mentioned in previous postings here, this town is really a babacracy. So of course the cops came to shut things down, nice and early. Most of the crowd went instead to Solidní nejistota. Ouch.

It really made me appreciate the great acoustics and the soundproofed walls of the Akropolis. There’s no place like home.

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