Pizza Grosseto

This is the first in a new category of posts dealing with restaurant reviews here in Kafkaville. Most of the restaurants have actually been around a while, but I’m putting them here anyway as a service to people just coming into town. If you want to send me your reviews, I’ll be happy to put ’em up.

Pizza Grosseto revolutionized Prague pizza. Before Grosseto, pizza was the province of bored Yugoslavs avoiding their war, and godawful Czech abominations involving ketchup instead of real pizza sauce. Grosseto was one of the first outfits to use a wood-fired stove, and their pizzas are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Personally, when I’m at Grosseto, I get their calzone, and order extra garlic and hot peppers to – in the words of Emeril Lagrasse – kick it up a notch.

The tomato soup must be tried. Thick, salty, garlicky and intense, it’s a perfect foil for their fresh-baked bread.

Grosseto has three locations: Dejvice, Vinohrady and Pruhonice. And while they don’t deliver, they take phone-in orders for take-out.

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