K on Michael Jackson

K is a Czech blogger who writes in English and is currently living somewhere in England. She’s also a serious Michael Jackson fan (fan club member, active on message boards, etc.). Her comments on the Michael Jackson case:

I feel weird…empty…I feel like something was over and yet it’s just the beginning…a few days ago, everything was almost perfect, Michael releasing his Number One Hits, planning to visit Europe, which I was so excited about…then, within an hour everything turned over to a nightmare…you may think I’m being too dramatic, but…I just really miss the words to describe how I’m feeling right now…I guess, I haven’t fully realized yet what’s been going on…I’m shocked…I don’t know what to believe anymore…I want Michael so damn much to speak out fucking right now…what is he waiting for? I just need him to say something, damn anything…I’m worried about the man, cuz this ain’t looking good…at all…

And I wanna be at home now and meet up with my MJ friends and talk, talk, talk…I need someone right now, here, I’m so thankful for my offline friends, but at the moment I’d love to see an ‘offline’ one :(((((( I’m kinda devastated, u know?

This can’t be for real, please…

I think she speaks for a lot of people.

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