I got mail today from Kidradical asking about my “obsession” with Iveta BartoÅ¡ová. Again, let me repeat. I don’t particularly care one way or the other about Iveta. My “obsession” is with Blesk.

What are the rules on celebrity news? As far as I understood it, you covered a celebrity and tried to at least find a “hook” to tie the news to; usually it’s a new movie/CD/TV movie of the week coming out.

But what do you do in a tiny media market like the Czech Republic, where there aren’t that many movies/CDs/TV movies of the week made? You keep covering the celebrities regardless of the “hook,” I guess. Blesk‘s celebrity coverage usually consists of a photographer going out to some reception and taking snapshots of the “famous” people in the crowd.

But even though this is a small media market, there are still lots celebrities around. So what is it about Iveta that gets her in the papers more than others? Heck if I know. By blogging her appearances in Blesk I hope to understand this better.

Anyway, today Blesk writes that Iveta has a new album out. At least this story has a hook.

This is number 104 in the Blesk Iveta Count.