Don Pedro

As Czechs travel further and further afield, the cuisines they bring back – and the stories behind them – are richer and more varied. Don Pedro, in the southern suburb of Praha 5 – Radotin, is an excellent example of both excellent cuisine and an interesting story.

The story goes something like this: After starting the Architects’ Club (Dutá hlava) on Betlemské náměstí in the Old Town, Don Pedro’s founder, Petr Novak, went to Chicago. There he met Sandra, a beautiful Colombian woman, who convinced him to come to see Colombia. A series of misadventures later, and Petr and Sandra were convinced they were made for each other.

They decided to move to Prague and open an authentic Colombian restaurant, with meals cooked by Sandra’s mother and served by his sisters-in-law.

The meals are excellent. Emphasis – like in Argentine cuisine – is on grilled steaks, but the difference is they’re done with such care and panache. A better steak is hard to come by in Kafkaville.

I had the Uruguayan Steak, a large slice of imported Uruguayan beef grilled and served with a cilantro-olive oil sauce, grilled peppers and onions and a baked potato. The beef, while a bit tougher than a typical svičková, was very flavorful.

For dessert I had the brownie con helado (homemade brownie with ice cream), followed by Cafe de Colombia.

Digression: Cafe de Colombia has as their spokesman Juan Valdez, right? And the commercials say that every bean is hand-picked by Juan Valdez, right? So what happens when Juan Valdez gets sick or has a bad hangover? Does the entire nation’s coffee output depend on one guy and his donkey? But I digress.

Don Pedro is a bit out of the way, but a worthwhile detour for an excellent Colombian steak.

Don Pedro, Na Výšince 2/8, Praha 5 – Radotín, tel. 257 811 308.

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