Henry Copeland on Iveta BartoÅ¡ová

My good friend Henry Copeland is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Every time I talk with him, I always feel my brain being stretched farther than it’s stretched before.

Henry is the founder and visionary behind Blogads.com, the strips of ads you see on better blogs, including my own. He truly Gets It.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see him post today about Blesk’s Iveta BartoÅ¡ová thing. His take on Why Iveta’s Famous And You’re Not has to do with a concept known as the Power Law:

Perhaps you could plot the distribution of Czech press mentions of celebrities on a log graph and get a straight line. Maybe Iveta gets 10 times more mentions than 10 other celebs, who themselves get 10 times more mentions than 100 other celebs.

This doesn’t sound logical. But it definitely happens all the time. Power laws seem to apply to the distribution of wealth/marketshare/synapses among brain cells, browsers, blog traffic, high-school friendships, network hubs, and capillaries. To anthropromorphise a little, it seems that complex systems comprised of autonomous but interdependent units often end up creating “celebrities” (or hubs) among themselves, and eventually, celebrities among celebrities. The rich get richer and Iveta gets another mention in Blesk.

And he’s just getting started. Read on for more Henry Copeland brilliance.

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