MPs and Their Swinish Comments

Education Minister Petra Buzková is consistently one of the three most popular politicians in the country. A leading member of the governing Social Democrats, she has a reputation as being a no-nonsense leader. Every time I’ve seen her interviewed, she’s come across as being razor sharp.

She recently had breast reduction surgery, and on her return to parliament earlier this week, a Blesk reporter asked other MPs what they thought. Their answers are translated below.

Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but I need to remind you: These aren’t guys sitting around a locker room or blabbering after their 15th Fernet in some putyka somewhere. Well, maybe they did have fifteen taxpayer-subsidized Fernets, actually, but that’s another story. These are supposed to be members of parliament.

I don’t mean to let Blesk off the hook either. Regular readers of this blog know of my car-crash fascination with the tabloid daily. But this article is pretty far outside the boundaries of even its daily dose of Shock! Horror!

Here for your judgement is the text of the article in question. The translation is mine:

Buzková loses two advantages
The biggest shock yesterday in Parliament? The arrival of the “improved” Petra Buzková!
As we informed you Saturday, the minister had her breasts reduced for health reasons. Yesterday she showed her “estimated B-cups” to her colleagues, and they did not leave amazed. Coalition members didn’t say much, but the opposition loudly protested: She shouldn’t have done this to us!

It’s been a long time since there was such tension during a parliamentary session. Curiosity flew among the male majority in the lower house of parliament, and they waited. Petra Buzková came in in a black sweater with a scarf that somewhat masked the status of things, but didn’t leave much room for doubt. And things have already been compared. It was a shock for all the guys in Parliament! ‘The giant breasts are gone, and it is a completely different woman’ was the thought running around the heads of our lawmakers.

“Madam Minister lost two of her advantages,” said the leader of the Parliamentary Civic Democrats (ODS) Vlastimil Tlustý.

His fellow party member Petr Bratský: “If I had to carry two bricks around my neck and had them cut off, my neck would stop hurting too. And what’s more, I wouldn’t have to bow so deeply before [Prime Minister] Vladimír Å pidla.

And Shadow Education Minister Walter BartoÅ¡? “No, I don’t like it. I like women with a more developed bust…” he said.

Another “blue bird” [ODS symbol, also possibly a sexual innuendo something like blue balls] didn’t like Madam Minister either. Tomáš Teplík: “Whatever changes she makes aren’t going to be for the better.”

Communist Jiří DolejÅ¡ bet on Madam Minister’s underwear: “I noticed that she was thinner somehow, but I said that a good bra can do miracles.”

And coalition MPs?

Miroslav Kalousek (KDU-ČSL leader): “Madam Minister was always a beautiful woman and now she looks especially good.”

Michal KRAUS (ČSSD): “It’s a drastic change, but considering that I have big hands, I prefer bigger dimensions.”

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