Welcome Bruce Sterling Readers

Whoo-aa! So I’m making my rounds through the bookmarks, when I find I’m the subject of today’s post on Bruce Sterling’s weblog. How cool is that?

Who am I? Well, I’m an American expatriate living in Prague. I came here in February, 1992 to help my friends from university who had just started an English-language newspaper called Prognosis. I was considering a career at the LA Times, which had the nickname of the “Velvet Coffin.” One fateful day, I was sitting in a floating chair in an LA pool reading a letter from Prognosis co-founder Matt Welch, where he wrote: “Velvet Coffin? No. Velvet Revolution? Yes.”

So I came to Prague on a one-way ticket with $100 in my pocket. Swear to Karel Gott. And they made me art director.

Within a couple of weeks of arriving in Prague, my friend and associate Nicho Lowry invited me to help him DJ at Prague’s legendary Rock Club Bunkr. Maybe it was the fact that I had a few hip-hop and soul CDs.

But it started a long string of club gigs here in town with my friend and classmate Tony Ozuna, evolving musically as my exposure to new sounds grew. Some were bigger clubs (Roxy, Ubiquity) some were more obscure (Big Pohoda, CZ Beat, U Buldoku), some were just cool (a Friday afternoon chill-out session at the Železná Jazz Club).

The interest in Brazilian and Latin electronica comes, as many things do, thanks to superstar DJ Gilles Peterson, whose radio show (available online) and amazing compilation CDs have been an inspiration time and again. It also comes from growing up in LA of mixed Mexican-Anglo heritage, hearing Latin music as a matter of course, then hearing it go Way Digital.

Numerous sampler CDs and lots of time trawling various online record stores later (how else did you think I got hold of most of that stuff? It’s not like you’re going to get it stocked next to Karel Gott CDs), and I have a modest but usable collection of good stuff in the genre.

My next gigs will be at the Tulip Cafe in a benefit for Amnesty International on Saturday, Dec. 20, and then the Durex Latino Party (with Tony Ozuna) at the Palac Akropolis’ Divadelní bar on Monday, Dec. 22.

My day job? I work for one of the coolest foundations in the world, helping to make open source software designed for independent media in “transitioning” countries.

So, uh, welcome all you Bruce Sterling readers. There’s pivo in the fridge, and feel free to walk around the various posts on this weblog. There’s a category listing over in the left margin.

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