My Christmas present to myself this year is a DVD player, and it’s a pretty cool one that other expats should appreciate. It’s the Nintaus N9888 DVD player, made by the completely and utterly legitimate Nintaus Corporation of Guangdong, China.

It’s region-free, Macrovision-free, plays both NTSC and PAL DVDs, and takes voltage from 100-230V. Translated into non-geek this means: All DVDs from anywhere in the world will work just fine on this, and when and if you ever go back to the states, you’ll be able to take this unit with you.

I’ve known a couple of expats who bought DVD players here (cough, Sony, cough), only to be disappointed to find out that their US DVDs wouldn’t work. Then they went through a pretty seedy process of getting the unit “serviced” by a third party so that it would play US DVDs, which is a pretty big pain in the zadeček.

You can get the Nintaus 9888 online from a number of sources in the Czech Republic. I used the services of Alzasoft, and had it delivered to my door less than 24 hours after ordering, thanks to eBanka‘s speedy electronic payment system. I ordered it at 3pm yesterday, and it was at my door at 10am today. Not even Amazon is that fast.

I was testing it out today with my own “gold standard” for both sound and picture quality, Moulin Rouge, and it was both looking and sounding real nice.