Have more sex or get married and settle down

Today’s addition to the Blesk Iveta watch is a weirdly passive-aggressive story about Iveta BartoÅ¡ová’s sex life.

The story starts out with vicarious detail about her getting out and enjoying her single status: “Of course Iveta has guys. She’s beautiful, famous. And what’s more, these society parties are full of young men. She can lick all ten fingers with them. To have something going with BartoÅ¡ova, that’s a ticket to the big time,” said a ‘close friend’ of Iveta’s.

But then it gets serious. “… Wild parties, nights of passion. Even this wears a person out and they start to want to settle down. Especially when Iveta has a son and he needs a father. “I need a man who can leave a woman her freedom, but can defend her at the same time. And he also needs to know how to keep his word. All of those, that are missing this characteristic are worthless to me. I’m simply attracted to GUYS,” she adds.

Puzzling article, this. Anyway, it brings the Blesk Iveta count to 106.

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