Have More Kids, Å pidla Pleads

A chilling view of a future Czech Republic from today’s MFDnes. What’s odd is that pensioners here already are high-profile. Just take a ride on the 26 tram – the Tram of Decrepitude – and count the gray heads. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out further, especially since what they’re predicting is that when I get to geezerhood I’ll be a dime a dozen. The translation is mine:

Praha – Seeing a small child playing in a park will almost be a rarity in 2050. The streets will be filled with older men and women. While today one fifth of people are above 50, in 2050 it will be half.

Studies released yesterday by the Czech Statistics Office say that the Czech Republic will age quickly. Changes will be marked after the year 2030. The number of retirees will double. For every child there will be three people above 60.

“Today the effort is to push old people away and forget they exist. Everything will be different. Even in a couple of years,” predicted Milan AleÅ¡ of the Czech Statistics Office.

The needs of older peole, who will become the largest group, will override all others. They’ll make films about fears and loves of seniors. The votes of pensioners will decide who rules the country.

Even TV ads will change. “These people will want to have fun and enjoy a long old age. Women and men will live six years longer than today, to an average of 84 and 78 years,” predicted statistician Stanislav Drápal.

“The hottest problem in society will become how to solve the loneliness of women above 80,” AleÅ¡ added.

The government of Prime Minister Vladimír Å pidla wants to prevent the aging of the nation. It could bring problems with money for pensions. Because of this, he wants to urge women to have more children. “16 billion crowns ($631 million USD)that we get from tax changes will be spent on families with children, among other things,” Å pidla said.

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