Chips Ahoj

A friend told me a story today about a conversation she overheard at the hairdresser. A woman complained that her apartment was full of chips.

“Chips?” the hairdresser asked.

“Yeah, chips,” the woman continued. “Our entire apartment is full of chips.”

There was a contest sponsored by one of the potato chip manufacturers, where the grand prize was some kind of high-end home theater, and her brother decided to take the contest seriously.

In each bag of chips, there was a code to send by SMS. So her brother started buying cases of chips at Macro, a wholesale hypermarket similar to Costco or Sam’s Club in the U.S.

The problem was that there were about four or five other people doing the same thing. So he kept on buying chips. In the end, he bought 120,000 CZK worth of chips.

He won the grand prize, which was a home theater with plasma display, apparently worth 280,000 CZK, which made him very happy. The problem was what to do with the chips: in order to get to the SMS code, he had to open each and every bag. He gave away chips to everybody he knew – friends, relatives, co-workers. And still there were chips to the ceiling.

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