Back on the Wire


This is the amount of mail I got since Friday night. Of those, about 10 were actually to me. One word for you: SpamNet. Use my referral code, 0vz4hl, and get a month free.

I’m living out of boxes, but at least all the boxes are moved into the new World Headquarters, thanks to the amazing help of folks like Bloopy. No more packing the Fabia like the Beverly Hillbillies. The new place is real quiet, and a person can get some Serious Sleep done there.

I had a pleasant discovery during the unpacking, when I discovered my long-forgotten trove of old Prognosis issues; more or less every issue from when I was there. I don’t have the first couple, and I don’t have the last ones, but there’s a pretty solid cardboard box full of ’em.

Now I just need to sit down and, in a feat of grim determination, scan every page of every issue, which should take me well into 2005. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be faster at scanning mine that Matt Welch will be at scanning his.

I think I’ve mentioned Walter Hamady before on this blog. Walter Hamady is one of my favorite book artists, and he has been leaving footnote numbers in the texts of his books for quite some time. The actual footnotes, he explains, will be filled in and figured out by the PhD student who inevitably will come and devote himself to making sense of Hamady’s life and work.

I sure could use me a PhD student like that right about now.

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