A Toast to EU Accession

Thanks to the Prague Daily Monitor, which has a snazzy new look, I got a link to a good article about what’s going to happen to Czech wine prices after EU accession May 1.

Generally, the 30% import duty that’s currently imposed on wines from EU countries will be abolished. Which means that the price/quality ratio should rise somewhat. Not bad, considering that what is currently a 300 Kč bottle of Valpolicella or Medoc should, after May 1, go for 210 Kč.

A while ago I was complaining about the high price of wine with a good friend who is of French-American heritage, and he brought me around to the French view of wine.

“It’s all in how you see things. The Americans and the Czechs view wine as a vice, a luxury to be taxed and controlled,” he said. “But the French view wine as an inalienable right.”

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