Google Spiders CAMPSITEs

I got a good piece of news today, in that Google is now correctly indexing sites using our CAMPSITE content management system. This is something we’ve been working on for some time, corresponding with the folks at Google, trying various workarounds.

The problem comes because Google is reluctant to crash content management systems, with good reason: In the beginning, the old Googlebot would apparently crash many CMSes, so it was told to avoid long URLs.

This lack of indexing, though, was a major problem for publishers, whose content wasn’t indexed by Google. And if Google doesn’t index you, you don’t exist.

My utmost thanks go out to the nice folks at the Googleplex who finally figured this out. A major hurdle to wider acceptance of CAMPSITE has been cleared.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the next version of CAMPSITE, which should be out Real Soon Now. The major new feature this time around will be Automatic Publishing, where you can set stories to run on or after a date/time, as well as to pull them after a certain date/time.

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