Dolly Buster for EU Parliament?

České noviny brings us the news today that porn star Dolly Buster will stand as a candidate to the European Parliament representing the Czech Republic. Retired from acting in porn films since 1997, she will be the first candidate of the Independent Initiative (formerly known as the Independent Erotic Initiative, or NEI).

The NEI seems to think that Dolly Buster has a fighting chance of making it to the European Parliament, but she will have to face such opponents as Viktor Kožený, who is starting his own political party, or Miloslav Ransdorf and former Czechoslovak astronaut Vladimír Remek of the unreconstructed Czech Communists. The NEI has also worked with the Communist party (KSČM) in the 1999 elections. They have been around in one form or another since the 1989 revolution, and usually get around one percent of the vote.

I can’t claim to have seen any of the films in Ms. Buster’s filmography, but here is what she IMDB has on her, and here is her biography from her German homepage.

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