The Big Room

Last night as I started to get my equipment set up in the Palac Akropolis’ Malá scéna, the bartender walked up to me with an apologetic look. “We’ve been having noise complaints here, so we’ve had to install a system that measures the decibels in the room. If the decibels are above the limit, it automatically cuts the sound out for a few seconds.”

“Yikes,” I said. Or maybe it was “ty vole!” or something.

“But we’ve come up with another solution,” he said. “How would you like to play in the big room next door?” he asked.

“You mean, the main area? Uh, I think we could do that,” I said with what must have been the tone of the understatement of the year. A Friday night, playing the main room of the Akropolis.

We even had a surprise guest, our friend Marek from Berlin, who goes by the name of Krozome 131. He was in town to pick up new vinyl pressings of Citizens International, a new hip-hop group he’s signed to his record label, Duplicat Records. He decided to stop into the Akropolis for a beer, not knowing we were playing.

Tony and I were confused, because we were billed as playing “Latino chillout.” Heh. We may play lots of things, but chilled out isn’t exactly the description I’d come up with for our sets. But then again, “Make The Kids Throw Furniture” doesn’t exactly look too good on a flyer either.

There weren’t too many people around until well after midnight, when once again, the magic bus full of Party People must have parked outside, because all of a sudden the Big Room was full. And Tony decides to hit ’em with a Brazilian funk set that included the now-classic James Brown “Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Fantasista Re-Formation)”, which re-imagines the JB Classic as if he grew up in the favelas of Rio. Sublime stuff.

“I think we can die now, and die satisfied,” Tony said. Not only had we played the Big Room on a Friday night, but we turned it out in style.

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