Registered Partnerships Aftermath

Prime Minister Vladimír Å pidla said that the registered partnerships legislation didn’t stand a chance because of his coalition partners, the Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL).

“When I saw the problems this law’s approval was going to cause in the government, I weighed the situation and took the proposal back. But I personally agree with it,” Å pidla told Lidové noviny.

I can understand that for some people, mostly with strong religious sentiments, the idea of gay marriage can be difficult to agree with. But the Czechs aren’t exactly in the European Bible Belt. It’s sad, then, to note that the KDU-ČSL, who regularly get 8-10% of the vote, can be such kingmakers on the issue. And I doubt that Å pidla wanted his government to fall on the issue of gay marriage, as much as he may have said he supported the legislation.

Across the pond, the debate rages as well. This piece by the Armed Liberal is a pretty good one, and manages to put a lot of my own sentiments into words.

Finally, here’s a question for the Fistful of Euros types out there: Can’t citizens of one EU country, say Czechs, just go to a country where registered partnerships are allowed (say, the Netherlands) and get married, and then have the paperwork transferred back to their home country? Or are you, as a citizen of one country, bound by the laws of that country regardless of what you do outside it?

Please leave your interpretations in the comments.

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