The 60th Best City in the World

From today’s České noviny. The translation is mine.

Foreigners Live Well in Prague, but Better in 59 Other Cities

LONDON – If a foreigner wants a truly comfortable life in a big city, they should choose Vienna, Melbourne or Vancouver according to the British Economist Intelligence Unit. If someone moves to Prague, they must count on small troubles. Bratislava isn’t in the table.

The EIU evaluated quality of life for foreigners on the basis of a number of criteria, of which not all are completely exacting. Among the 12 tested factors are health care, culture, environment and infrastructure.

“It isn’t surprising that Western cities fare the best,” the EIU writes in the introduction to the table. At its top are all five Australian cities and many Canadian cities.

The table carries the 12 criteria into one core percentage of difficulty. Cities with indicators up to 20 percent according to the EIU are comfortable, cities with values above 65 percent are clearly difficult.

Prague is 60th out of 130 cities with 20%.

The top of the table is made up of Melbourne, Vancouver, Vienna, Perth, Geneva, Adelaide, Brisbane, Copenhagen, Montreal, Oslo, Sydney, Zurich, Helsinki, Stockholm and Toronto. The biggest “jumper” is Hong Kong, which improved by 11 places.

The most comfortable city in the USA is Honolulu. New York is 51st, and Washington is one point ahead of Prague in 57th place. London is 45th with a rating of 13%. Paris is 28th with 10%. Belgrade, with 47%, is the lowest-rated city in Europe.

The EIU writes that Vienna was greatly helped by its decreased corruption. On the other hand, German cities were hurt by a perception of growing corruption.

According to the EIU, the difference between Eastern and Western Europe is diminishing. The only two cities among Accession Countries with values up to 20% were Budapest and Prague. Athens, however, stayed a relatively difficult city with 24%. The absolute bottom of the table is still occupied by Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea.

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