The Real Scott MacMillan

Over at, blogger Scott MacMillan has been through the looking-glass, with lots of people (or maybe it’s just one person) pretending to be him and making lots of posts on their discussion fora.

The real Scott MacMillan, however, hasn’t taken this laying down, and has posted a pretty funny response. Click to read the rest:

Scott McMillan – [view profile] Fri Feb 6th 17:01 / #7
Only the real Scott McMillan (me) can give a true autobiography: I was born in a log cabin, the daughter of wandering gypsies. At only a few years old, I realized I had a musical calling and at four, I was touring distant relatives of the royal family playing the Goldberg Variations on castanets. Frustrated by the lack of solo music written exclusively for the castanet, I became obsessed with idea, and soon composed Symphony 1 in D-click. The fame it brought me meant I had to leave my family and be raised as a boy in a remote musical monastery somewhere near Salzberg, where my teacher Maria Von Trapp taught me the scales in an easy-to-remember way.

UPDATE 17:48 9 Feb ’04: Yikes! In the comments, the real Scott MacMillan writes in to point out that the post in question was not, in fact, written by him. At least it was funny.

Maybe the developers could write a simple script that bans non-registered users from posting using a registered user’s name?.

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