I was really beginning to wonder what was happening over at the newsroom of Blesk. Could it have been a putsch? A palace coup? Was the current regime of Iveta obsessives replaced by a secretive cabal of Karel Gott obsessives? Or did orders come down from Ringier headquarters in Zurich that There Will Be No More News About Iveta?

Luckily, no.

Blesk leads today with a story about how a former manager, with whom Iveta had a relationship, absconded with 250,000 of her hard-earned koruny.

I’ve started to notice that the ends of these Blesk Iveta stories sometimes have messages written directly to her, and have a strangely moralistic tone to them. Here’s the last graf of today’s article:

“And what about you, Iveta? When will you ever learn? So far you haven’t had much luck with lovers. Ladislav Å taidl didn’t marry you, and the others, like singer Karol Csinno, only lasted a little while. At least they weren’t so expensive.”

This brings the Blesk Iveta Count to 108.