R.U.R. – The Opera

This came today from the EU’s ACTeN Content Media Markets newsletter. It will probably be deeply cool, considering everything going into it. (The photo is of the Kismet robot project, and clicking on the picture will take you to a paper titled “Biologically Inspired Robots as Artificial Inspectors.”)

On September 29, 2004 the Opera R.U.R Rossums Universal Robots will be staged at the National Theater in Brno (Czech Republic). The opera is after the play by Karel Capek from 1921. It will be one of the first operas dealing with the creation of robots and artificial human beings on stage.

R.U.R deals with the take-over of the world supremacy by robots. The play develops its vision on the background of the inhumane working conditions of the industrial period at the beginning of last century. The discovery of the structural design of life shall make life easier for mankind. The Rossums Universal Robots company starts with the mass manufacturing of working robots on an island. The intention to improve the robots’ efficiency by giving them humanlike characteristics is very successful. The robots have bestowed on man a life full of leisure and free time and even have taken care of fighting their wars. In the course of the years, the robots develop an individual life and self consciousness independently of their creators, they form alliances and eventually destroy their creators, the human beings.

The opera is a co-production of the Media Archiv Prague and the WRO Center for Media ArtFoundation, in Poland, the Fraunhofer Institut for Media communication and the National Theatre Brno in the Czech Republic.

For more info: Petr Vrana [vrana.p@t-online.de]

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