Oscar Night

It’s Oscar Night, and even though the producers of the Czech film Želary didn’t take me up on my offer to go with them to serve as a translator, I’m wishing them well tonight. I’m holding both thumbs, crossing fingers, knocking on wood and holding my breath, in hopes they’ll win Best Foreign Picture.

One commentator I heard today on the BBC World Service’s “The Ticket” said that in his opinion, Želary was the best of the nominated foreign films. I’m also happy that the film has finally found a U.S. distributor in Sony Pictures Classic.

It’ll be the middle of the night here in Kafkaville when the awards are handed out, but those insomniacs among you can check out Oscar.com for results.

And even if they don’t win, this article from iDnes says they’re having a good time in the City of Angels.

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