The Best Gyros in Kafkaville

marhaba.jpg It’s been a while since my last restaurant review, and that’s mostly due to the fact that I’m not the man-about-town I used to be. But here’s one you may not be aware of.

My new neighborhood in Prague 6 is home to a number of good ethnic restaurants, including Haveli (South Asian), U Cedru (Lebanese) and Dong Do (Vietnamese).

But if it’s gyros you’re looking for, the place to go is the Marhaba Grill on Bubenečská, about 2/3 of a block down from the Hradčanska metro.

Marhaba’s gyros sandwiches don’t look like the kind you drunkenly order near the Narodní třida metro at 4am after a hard night out involving copious amounts of Fernet and arguments that inevitably end in “you don’t know ANYTHING about art.” Not that I would know ANYTHING about that, mind you.

Marhaba uses large, thin breads that resemble tortillas, and rolls them up into what look like burritos. I’m sure there is an Arabic word for these, and more educated readers are encouraged to use the comments section.

Even though the quality at Marhaba is great, there isn’t a seat to be had. It’s a strictly stand-up affair, which is good, because I’m usually a bit suspicious of eating places where you can’t stand and eat.

Good prices (45 Kč for a gyros sandwich) and friendly waitstaff round out the offer.

There was one other thing I wanted to mention: when I DJ, I use the name “Dougiegyro,” so you’d think I’d know a thing or two about gyros. In fact, it was a nickname I picked up back in college because I didn’t surf well. In fact, I flailed my arms around to keep balance. Gyroscopic balance. The name stuck, and I kept it even when I moved to Prague and Czechs pronounced it with a hard ‘g’, as in ‘gyros.’ Ach jo.

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