This Really Is the City of Gott

So I’m walking down the street in Dejvice early Sunday morning and who do I see? None other than the mistr himself, Karel Gott, chatting with a lady friend and another couple.

As I walked past him, I noticed three things. One, he really does talk like he does on TV, that almost sing-song voice. Two, he’s a lot shorter and wider than I thought. And three, he had a good tan, but what looked like liver spots on his face.

I had to suppress the urge to ask him what he thought of my carnál and DJ partner Tony Ozuna’s amazing article in the new Umělec magazine, where Gott’s “outsider” art is compared to that of Chicano lowrider arte.

Instead, I kept walking, trying my best to act like seeing Karel Gott on a streetcorner in Dejvice on Sunday morning was something that happened to me all the time.

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