Dajdou for SuperStar

The Czech version of Pop Idol (or American Idol) if you prefer, “Česko hleda SuperStar” is finally starting to get good, and, like the show’s other franchisees around the world, is becoming wildly popular. But it may not be for the reasons the show’s creators wanted.

Anna, known also by her SuperStar number 3469 or better yet as “Dajdou,” has become the most famous of all the contestants so far, precisely because she is what the Czechs refer to as an “antitalent.”

Don’t believe me? Check out the video clip (DivX) of her doing a grave disservice to Dido’s “Thank You” or the sound file.

The conversation at the end of the video clip is also informative. Anna is convinced of her own quality even after the judges have pilloried her. Judge Ondřej Hejma (of Žlutý pes) asks her, “And you seriously thought you would be a superstar? A solo singer?”

“And why not?” she responds.

Now Dajdou has become a superstar in her own right, having gone into heavy rotation on a couple of radio stations, and a record deal of her own may be in the making. There are numerous fansites up, and, in what may be the real sign of popularity these days, numerous remixes have also been posted.

Dajdou’s self-confidence wasn’t only on display before the judges. iDnes reported today that after being put into rotation on Mlada Boleslav’s Radio Kiss Delta, she went to the program director and asked to be paid for the remix of her song. The fifteen-minute conversation left the program director bewildered.

“She wanted money for the song. I tried, unsuccesfully, to explain to her that she doesn’t have a right to it, because it isn’t a song,” said program director Jiří Å těpánek.

The story gets better. Å těpánek claims Dajdou trashed the radio station and hit a photographer. Dajdou claims she hit the photographer because he was taking pictures of her without her permission.

Then, outside the radio station, a record company executive was waiting to offer her a record deal, but an enraged Dajdou walked away without seeming to notice.

“We’re sorry it all ended like this,” Å těpánek said on the station’s website. “Our intention was to offer Anička a chance to comment, and what’s more, to facilitate a meeting with a record company, but that didn’t happen. We hope the future Czech superstar, just as other stars in the musical heavens, will visit our station, and that she will be willing to present her professional wins and losses on Radio Kiss Delta.”

“She’s been contacted by several people who of course believe that they can make fast money off of her suffering. I’m against it. It doesn’t seem like a good thing to do to a person,” Milan Herman, head of Czech BMG and a SuperStar judge, told iDnes.

For her part, Dajdou doesn’t seem to be enjoying her newfound fame. Even though she’s received more than 100,000 votes to be included in SuperStar’s “Star Troop”, she views the voters with disdain.

“They’re weaklings,” she told iDnes, “who would never dare come out like this. They just criticize and laugh at me. But it doesn’t bother me. I’d like to hear how they sing.”

A tip of the hat to Theo at Prague Daily Monitor for suggesting the story. He also requested some Boston songs too, but settled for Aldo Nova. 😉

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