Welcome Metafilter Readers!

Ty brd’o! I was just checking my server logs when I noticed a gigantic jump in visits today (2400 uniques at last count), thanks to the link from Metafilter to my “Dajdou” post. I’ve been reading MeFi since it was hand-drawn on papyrus and posted on the walls outside the Alexandria library, so this is kinda cool for me.

Anyway, help yourself to all the different stuff around, especially if you’re delving into the Czech English-language blogging scene for the first time. My permalinks could use a bit of updating, especially since many Prague bloggers are on extended soujourns abroad, but definitely check out Scott MacMillan, Geoff Goodfellow, Prague Daily Monitor, The Daily Czech or Prague.tv for lots of Czech info, links and what have you. If you speak Czech, jump over to Filip Rozanek’s blog, or Vozovna, or the bilingual Nazory. Hope I didn’t leave too many good folks out. Sorry if I did.

My work and life schedules are kinda hectic at the moment. I have a series of guests coming in this week at work, and what little free time I have is devoted to deeply geeky things, like planning the architecture of our next open source software development project for media organizations, or getting my Mandrake 10 installation perfected on my Sony VAIO R505DSK laptop. Any help on that – especially with IRQ conflicts with the Orinoco internal wifi card, as well as Firewire woes – are tremendously appreciated.

In the meantime, there’s pivo in the fridge, and if you poke around enough, you’ll probably run into Iveta Bartosova herself, doing a bit of vanity Googling.

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