Inspired by my pal Amy Langfield’s own New York Top 10 List, here’s my Top 10 List of Favorite Things About Prague:

10. Night trams and the people who ride them
9. The beer garden at Letna Park in the summertime
8. The hand-washing stone fountain on Celetna just off Staroměstské nám.
7. Yvonne Sanchez on a good night at the Želežná Jazz Club
6. Trays of warm rohliky stacked outside a small potraviny that has yet to open because it’s 5am
5. Homemade svíčková
4. A window seat at Slavia
3. Sneaking around the roped-off parts of the Obecní dům
2. Watching people make wishes at the Nepomuk crucifix – not the relief – on the Charles Bridge
1. Forgetting what century you’re in in an antikvariat

Feel free to leave your own in the comments.