Scanning the Past


I spent this evening scanning the old Prognosis material I’ve held on to all these years. My goal is to scan every page of every issue I have, but after spending three hours scanning a single cover, I’m realizing this might take a while.

There are lots of reasons why Prognosis should be scanned and made available via the Interweb. The stories we covered are still being played out today. And the paper kicked a lot of ass, more than I think we’ve gotten credit for, as I believe will be made evident once you can see the issues. If anybody in town would like to let me borrow a larger-format scanner (larger than my dinky A4), your name will be writ large in My Book.

While scanning the first cover, though, I came across a bunch of excellent photos from Back in the Day, including the one above, from my first night in Prague, when, to celebrate my arrival, a group of Prognosites went out to the Charles Bridge to rock out in the middle of a snowstorm.

In this excellent photo, I’m flanked by Jeff Solomon and Mike Lupro. If that ain’t a Rock Sandwich, I don’t know what is.

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