Iveta: In Debt

Lately I’ve been forgetting that Blesk comes out both on Saturdays and Sundays. I nearly missed this story from yesterday’s Blesk about Iveta BartoÅ¡ová’s struggle to get out of her contract with her manager.

Forget telenovelas, if I were a producer at any of the Czech TV stations, I’d make a novela out of Iveta’s story, especially as it plays out in the pages of Blesk. To give you a taste of Blesk’s Perils-of-Pauline coverage, I’m translating yesterday’s story here:

Iveta BartoÅ¡ová could have ended up in a brothel! And what’s more, the money the three-time Český slavik winner would make from an appearance in a house of screams wouldn’t match what a better prostitute makes.

Her managers are trying to rip her off and Iveta, being trusting, allegedly signed everything that was put in front of her. Now all the singer has left are eyes for crying, debts and probably a court date too.

And what’s more, her manager has forbidden her to sing! Perhaps the only one who could help unhappy Iveta out of her mess is the father of her son, Arthur, Ladislav Å taidl (59). “To put it bluntly, I’d rather die than ask for help. I have to manage this on my own,” BartoÅ¡ová says resolutely.

The singer has already decided that she definitely wants out of the managerial hands of Zdeněk Barták. Now he’s getting revenge. “He’s forbidden her to play the Lucerna! Iveta was supposed to have a concert there May 6th in honor of her 20th anniversary in show business,” one of Iveta’s colleagues revealed.

“I was so trusting and I’m paying for it dearly. I don’t want any manager anymore, who would ‘take care’ of me. I’m starting to take care of myself. Now I’m refusing to sign these slave-driving contracts,” Iveta points out.

“Zdeněk is an excellent person and composer, that’s a fact. But he’s not a lawyer and organizer, and so I believe that he’s not going to hold out for something that could degrade him too. According to that contract I’d have to sing in brothels, and if not, I’d have to pay him for lost profits,” Iveta said, describing her slave-driving contract, which she naively signed because she believed Barták was her friend.

But! According to our information the contract has a two-year cancellation period and not keeping to the terms could risk a fine of half a million crowns.

“I don’t know anything about Iveta wanting to leave me,” Barták says foggily, because he doesn’t want to give up so easily.

Iveta has recently signed a lot of papers whose contents she doesn’t know about.

“I want to sing, I want to work, I want to make money. Definitely not for someone else, but for me and my son,” she laments.

Å taidl has said that he would help Iveta – the mother of his son – anytime and with anything. The singer doesn’t want to call for help. “Of course I’d help Iveta. But she’s never asked me for anything of the kind. She’s simply proud,” Å taidl says.

This is Number 110 in the Blesk Iveta Count.

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