Let The Kazoos Sound

I just finished reading Alexander Zaitchik’s all-too-brief overview of English-language publications in Prague over at Think Magazine, which I came to via Matt Welch. The article was sometimes incomplete – especially when it came to Prognosis, but that’s my own axe to grind – but it was definitely a good read, full of some good dish too.

I do have to agree with Zaitchik about Pozor. That was one of my own favorite publications from that period too, and it was art directed by my friend and former Prognosis colleague Simon Gray. Pozor is most definitely a beautiful thing to look at, and a good read as well. Of all the failed publications, I miss Pozor and Yazzyk the most.

Like Matt Welch, I thought the picture of Prognosis the Think people used didn’t do justice to its visuals, and this isn’t just me the former art director talking. Prognosis’ photo staff was world class, as were the artists worked there, but you wouldn’t know it from the scrunchy scan they used in that article, a cover from very near the end of Prognosis’ existence, if memory serves me well.

To that extent, my own big box of Prognosis back issues marked stares me in the face every day since my recent move, and I’d love to start scanning them and posting them online. The problem is that it’d be a lot easier and faster with a larger-format (preferably A3) scanner. If anybody has one they’d be willing to let me borrow (or even better, if they want to scan ’em themselves), drop me a line in the comments.

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