One thought on “Casemod of the Week: Underwood 2000

  1. I’m a multimedia student at the university of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.
    I discovered your webpage while looking for inspiration at a Google search (about old typewriters) The reason for my e mail is to ask if you would consider letting me use some of the pictures to create a collage for a book cover competition here at UNF. I’m talking about the photos you posted for the article: “Casemod of the week: Underwood 2000”. (Friday March 26th 2004, 11:57 A.M.)

    The book cover is for the Literary Journal that showcases the work of students from the English department. I’m a student so I can’t offer you lots of money but I really think I could make a great collage using parts of your pics…Please, let me know what you think…I won’t use them if you do not agree…this is for a school project so the prize for the winner is about $75.00 Dlls. (Seventy-five). I do this for the exposure obviously, not for the money….

    Beatriz Lopez Anzures

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