“Dajdou” Cashes In

Anička Gleisnerova, the 18-year old Czech “singer” and contestant in the wildly popular TV contest “SuperStar” is better known to Czechs as “Dajdou” (a phonetic pronunciation of “Dido”).

She’s has finally started to cash in on her notoriety, the tabloid Blesk reported yesterday. Blesk reports that she’s signed a deal “in the tens of thousands of crowns” to appear on billboards promoting Bernard beer.

“In no way did we want to laugh at her,” Bernard spokesman Zdeněk Mikulášek told Blesk, “but we’re convinced she’s fits perfectly with our campaign.”

The billboard’s slogan? “The world’s gone mad. Hang in there.”

Once again, a tip of the hat to Theo at the Prague Daily Monitor for the tip.

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