Deeply Busy

I’m sorry for the light postings around here as of late. This week at work has been one of the most hectic in recent memory. Not only did we launch a new version of our free and open source content management system, and did a whole lot of work on overhauling our site, but we had a colleague in from South Africa. That’s not to mention any number of reports we had to write for our donors.

When a donor makes a gift to a foundation, the accounting and accompanying material that must accompany it is probably five times as detailed as anything I’ve seen in for-profit business. The reasoning is logical; you want to give as much detail about the projects as possible, so that the donor is satisfied with giving you the grant, and, by extension, so they’ll want to continue grants in the future.

But man, the process of accounting for every heller, then putting it all into a compelling narrative form, can be exhausting.

Things will continue to be hairy into next week, when we have a major developers’ meeting to kick off our newest free and open source software development project – LiveSupport, a management system for community radio. More about that next week.

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