Radio Head

I guess it’s fair to say I’ve got a radio head right about now, after having three days of intensive meetings with the team of developers who will build our LiveSupport software. LiveSupport will be a completely open source solution for radio station management. Our goal is to put everything you need to run a professional (or professional-sounding) radio station on a single bootable/installable CD.

I’ve got that feeling you get when you’ve been playing chess and look up at the clock to find that entire hours have gone by. We’ll probably post the official announcement as part of the relaunch of the Campware site next week, but suffice it to say that this will be a very interesting project for many people.

Just the team alone is interesting: Robert Klajn, the engineer responsible for keeping Belgrade’s Radio B92 on the air during the Milosevic era, Akos Maroy, the webmaster and Internet guru at Tilos Radio in Budapest, Micz Flor, media assassin and editor of, the interactive design department at the Parsons College of Design, and new developers Tomas Hlava and Sebastian Goebel.

This should be real good.

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