Click Farms

Back in the day, like most folks in the Dot Com era, my colleagues and I were sitting around trying to think up ways to make millions without actually doing anything.

Finally, someone came up with the idea of a “Click Farm,” a sweatshop-type place situated maybe somewhere in Albania or something, equipped with a bunch of computers. All the horrendously-underpaid employees would do all day was click on ads. “It’d be great! We’ll make millions!” we said.

Of course, like most stupid Dot Com ideas, this one died a quick and merciful death.

I’d like to point your attention, however, to this blog’s newest addition: the Google ad strip on the left. Short of opening up a click farm somewhere outside Elbasan, click on those babies like monkeys hitting the bar in a cocaine experiment.

This is not to say that I’ve lost faith in BlogAds; quite the opposite, and I’ll explain that in a second. I liken them both to ad agencies; it’d be a cold day in heck when a publisher decides to accept ads from only one agency.

Side by side you can see different interpretations of “targeting.” One is based on an algorithm, so you get somewhat generic ads for Prague travel and lodging businesses or EU accession. One is based on human intelligence, so you get ads for fellow blogger Scott MacMillan’s excellent Tulip Cafe.

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