EU Celebrations

This is a good weekend to be in Kafkaville thanks to all the events celebrating the Czech Republic’s membership in the European Union.

There’s the citywide United Islands of Prague festival, which has concerts and DJs at something like 10 different venues on islands all along the Vltava River. My personal highlights for Friday will be the Leningrad Cowboys (Kampa, 20:00), but I’m conflicted on that one because my favorite Czech hip-hop duo, Indy & Wich, are playing at Rohanský Ostrov at nearly the same time. Here’s the entire schedule.

On Saturday there’s Courtney Pine (Slovanský ostrov, Saturday 17:40), and the big techno party at Libeňský ostrov featuring Luke Slater (1:30 AM). Plus the always-excellent Janis Joplin Revival.

The last time I saw them was at the truly-odd Revival Band Festival in Neratovice, but I don’t remember much of that except the ZZ Top Revival Band and Jade, the Sade Revival Band. But again, I digress.

There was some question as to whether there would be fireworks at Letna plain, because environmentalists were concerned about the explosions interfering with nesting birds in the park. But it looks like it’s going ahead anyway. I’ve heard Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. Anybody else hear different?

The other thing to remember about Friday night is that it’s Čarodejnice, or Witches’ Night, which is celebrated throughout the country with big bonfires and not a few Celtic souls getting in touch with their pagan roots.

There’s definitely a lot going on, so if you hear of anything, please put it in the comments.

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