Havel on EU Enlargement

Current president Václav Klaus has been prophesying a loss of Czech identity in the new Europe, but leave it to ex-President Václav Havel to deliver a critical beatdown on such proclamations:

“I sometimes hear fears that Czech entrance to the European Union will influence our sovereignty. I am convinced that this entrance above all decreases the power of the post-Communist economic mafiamen, flim-flammers and financial acrobats, as well as their political protectors,” he wrote in a text delivered by his wife, Dagmar, Saturday night, and reported by today’s MF Dnes.


Havel continued in this vein on Saturday night, at a folk-themed party hosted by the Czech Senate.

“Our identity is threatened by us and us alone; when we speak bad Czech, the way we behave towards our environment, how we give so little money to culture,” Havel said. “We can all be happy that our generation had the good luck to live to see this moment,” he added.

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