Czech Scientists Invent Anti-Hangover Pill

This story from today’s Lidové noviny is too good to pass up. The translation, as usual, is mine:

Czech scientists invent anti-hangover pill

People who sometimes overdo their alcohol consumption have another way to get over the unpleasant moments in the morning.

Instead of a homemade remedy for headaches, nausea and dizziness, a new capsule taken either before or during an alchohol session can allegedly help. The new formula was unveiled today by the PharmaTrade company.

“We expect that this product will find its market especially among people whose work involves various meetings and get-togethers where toasts and possible alcohol consumption plays an important role,” said Václav Pivný [appropriately named – ed.] of PharmaTrade. He promises that the capsule will bring comfortable mornings with a clear head.

The formula, with the name Anti Ethanol 07, was allegedly invented by Czech scientists. It is made of exclusively natural ingredients from wine vines, smutně hořké, date palm, and chicory. According to the company, it also helps protect the liver from the negative effects of alcohol. Their representatives point out that the capsules are not a medicine for treating alcoholism. The product has been approved by the Health Ministry, the company added.

The recommended dose is two tablets. A package of ten tablets costs 175 CZK (USD $6.54) in pharmacies.

A different wonder pill against hangovers is popular among Hollywood celebrities. Its name is RU-21 and it was allegedly developed during the Cold War by the Soviet KGB. The tablet was allegedly supposed to help Russian agents bear a large amount of alcohol so that they could get their opponents drunk. Some anti-alcohol activists say the pill’s effects are not proven.

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