Football Scandal: Police Verify Matches Across the League

MF Dnes is on the football corruption story like white on rice. Here’s the latest from today’s paper.

Police verify matches from entire football league

PRAGUE – Police are determined to take radical steps against football corruption. They will verify all matches from the current First League season. They want to confirm whether other matches were manipulated by the people already charged with corruption.

“We will request documents from the Czech and Moravian Football Association that document the running of the entire league,” said deputy Milan Å iÅ¡ka of the police’s anticorruption services.

FA Disciplinary Commission Chief Alexander Károlyi said he will cooperate with the police. “Of course we will provide the background papers,” he said.

Police will want all referee match reports as well as the reports of their deputies. So far this week, investigators have charged two referees, Stanislav Hruška and Václav Zejda, as well as Jaroslav Hastík, head of the Synot football club, who bribed both referees.

FA Chairman Jan Obst said that if Synot is clearly shown to have taken part in the corruption, they will be expelled from the league.

“That is the private opinion of our Chairman. Our commission is independent of him, and I, as its chairman don’t have the right to preempt him. It will be decided in a disciplinary procedure,” Karolyi said.

“If we were expelled from the league, it would be a catastrophe,” said Synot halfback Tomáš Polách.

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