Maximizing Advertiser Interest

This is a post that will probably be of interest only to fellow bloggers. Your reguarly-scheduled blogging will resume shortly.

Now that I have both BlogAds and Google Adsense advertising running on the blog, I was surprised at the great discrepancy between what their counters said about site visitation and what my own logs were saying.

Then I had a duh moment. I was only running the ads on the home page, and not on the permalinks. What I forgot is that when fellow bloggers link to a post, they usually use the permalink and not my index page. I fixed this, and now I’m seeing traffic a lot closer to what my server logs say.

And what are those logs saying? 9175 uniques and 19513 pages so far for the first ten days of May, no doubt boosted by the Boing Boing link last week, as well as by people looking for info on Cinco de Mayo.

While on the topic of site lint-gathering, I’ll put the top search terms so far in the extended link.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that BlogAds space for this blog is available for a low monthly fee. Click here to order one of my BlogAds.

Top 20 of 489 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 720 34.92% cinco de mayo
2 219 10.62% benito juarez
3 145 7.03% dj
4 60 2.91% lowrider
5 39 1.89% matrix pong
6 37 1.79% battle of puebla
7 26 1.26% mariachis
8 25 1.21% rico suave
9 24 1.16% geek tattoos
10 21 1.02% casemod
11 18 0.87% benito ju%c3%a1rez
12 16 0.78% cherry season
13 15 0.73% %22cinco de mayo%22
14 15 0.73% prague women
15 13 0.63% phil collins
16 12 0.58% prague webcam
17 9 0.44% cinco de mayo pictures
18 9 0.44% the battle of puebla
19 8 0.39% %22benito juarez%22
20 8 0.39% radio head

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