Football Scandal Threatens Entire League

This stupid visa stuff has kept me away from the growing football corruption scandal for a couple of days, but it shows every sign of deepening.

Here is the latest football story from MFDnes, in my translation:

Football Scandal Threatens Entire League

If police manage to bring every prepared case to a close in the football corruption scandal, it could reach as far as 14 of 16 first league teams, MF Dnes was told by a trustworthy source in police headquarters.

Only two teams are considered to have little to no evidence of corruption, the police source said.

Police have so far charged one manager of [the] Synot [football club], who managed to bribe five first league referees. When and how further charges will come is a closely-guarded secret among both police and state prosecutors. “I will not comment in any way,” said Milan Å iÅ¡ka, deputy of the anti-corruption services.

“I need to get acquainted with the evidence materials. But I can’t rule out that, after studying the documents, a widening of criminal charges would come. That is something I can’t share with you,” said Kroměříž state prosecutor Pavel Pukovec, who is supervising the entire case.

Information that the entire league could be corruption could be suspect shocked Czech Football Association Vice Chairman Milan Brabec. “This can’t be possible. If it were true, I don’t even want to think of what would happen. It would have tragic consequences for football,” he said.

According to MF Dnes’ trustworthy information police have decided to wait with wider charges, possibly until July, so that Czech representation in the European Championships in Portugal can have a smooth run.

“We have a deadline of July 10 from the state prosecutor for presenting all evaluated evidence. But it isn’t true that we would keep our eye on the European Championship,” Å iÅ¡ka said. “I give the decision to widen the charges two months,” Pukovec admitted.

“If there are charges to come, they will come in the beginning of July. I have this kind of information from the state prosecutor. They already want to avoid doing it piece by piece, pulling them out like rabbits from a hat. If the charges will come down, they will come down at once,” Football Association Chairman Jan Obst told MF Dnes.

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