They’re shooting a movie across the street.

Personally, I’m starting to notice a pattern in the kinds of films shot in Prague – Van Helsing, Hellboy, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Blade, etc. – all “comic book” films. Kind of like how Italy got known for doing westerns in the ’60s (hence the name spaghetti western).

But before you go getting your Kafkaville fanboy hopes up that this’ll be one of the numerous comic book/fantasy movies we’re getting famous for here, the movie being shot across the street is the made-for-TV“Commissioner Maigret”.

What a movie shoot really means is a bunch of trailers, a few loud generators, and a lot of people standing around waiting for the buřtguláš in the canteen trailer. And here I thought movie shoots meant insane catering. Feh.

Because the shoot has blocked off a couple of streets around my house, it also means I have to park my car a few blocks away. So I decided to put it somewhere safe: In front of the Israeli ambassador’s house.

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