New Campware Site

The Czech adage about the blacksmith’s horse having the worst horseshoes is also true on the web. Even though it’s our job to help independent media organizations in “transition countries” – transitioning from Communism, dictatorship, war, etc. – publish up-to-the-minute information that is free and fair, our own site has tended to languish, mostly because we’ve been so busy with all our projects.

But no more. Today we’ve launched a total revamp of our Campware website to better explain what it is that we do, why we do it and how others can get involved.

We’ll be adding lots of different stories in the future, not just about our open source software development efforts in support of free and independent media, but also about implementations such as our satellite-based, Internet-powered radio distribution network project in Nepal, our SNOW content management hosting project in the former Yugoslavia, or the LiveSupport software for community radio stations.

The site uses the latest version of our flagship content management system, Campsite, and makes good use of its ability to accept plugins written in PHP, including entire software projects such as the excellent Phorum software for discussion boards.

As all our projects are free and open source, involvement by all is welcome. You don’t have to be a programmer – you could help write manuals, design logos, beta test software or just provide feedback – but of course, programmers are more than welcome. Oh, and you can download the software for free too.

Anyway, go check out the site, which has a nice design by my good friend and colleague Micz Flor, and implementation by Sebastian Goebel, both of Berlin’s Redaktion und Alltag and the youth culture website.

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